This page tracks my quarterly and full-year performance against my benchmark, the Vanguard ASX300 (ASX:VAS). I only started tracking performance seriously when I set up an SMSF, which is my primary vehicle for active investing.

Q1Q2Q3Q4Full Year
Me FY1821.55%27.11%14.59%-5.52%67.28%
VAS FY180.77%6.98%-4.04%8.27%12.01%
Me FY19-3.63%-7.67%15.23%13.49%16.35%
VAS FY191.59%-8.44%12.92%8.63%14.10%
Me FY2012.45%9.19%-26.22%35.26%22.42%
VAS FY202.72%0.51%-22.64%16.73%-7.24%
Me FY2120.52%
VAS FY21-0.1%

My total return as at 30/9/2020: 187.16%

VAS total return as at 30/9/2020: 18.43%