Kogan – Durable Competitive Advantage (KGN)

Kogan.com is a unique Australian business.  Founded by Ruslan Kogan in his parents garage in 2006, Kogan is now a publicly-listed sales analytics machine, which may not be immediately obvious until you examine the attitude of the owners.   Someone who doesn’t see KGN’s potential might think it just undercuts the retail on grey-market Apple products … More Kogan – Durable Competitive Advantage (KGN)


It’s been almost 18 months since my last post.  A lot has happened since then, so here’s the portfolio at a high level: Sold all my shares except for AVJ (still grossly undervalued) Set up a SMSF which is now my main investment vehicle Over the last 3 months I have bought shares in the … More Update

December 2015 Update

Although I haven’t posted since March, there has been a fair amount of activity since last writing:   Sold REF, as I no longer believe Cigar Butts are a good investment strategy to find value Added to BGL at 77c Added to BPF during the recent capital raising at 25c Exited some loss-making positions in … More December 2015 Update

More thoughts on Greece

Now that Syriza have had the chance to get their feet under the desk, it is inevitable that Greece, and possibly the whole Eurozone, will face an unmitigated economic disaster.  Here’s why:   Tax collection is down 40% in January, in a country where the head of the tax department faces death threats for chasing unpaid taxes … More More thoughts on Greece

The Greek election could be a major inflection point for Europe’s future

Because I’ve been predicting GFC 2.0 for the past 2 years, I have limited myself from investing in public markets for this period, except for a couple of stocks like BGL and CKL, as well as a position in several gold shares as a defensive play which sit outside the value methodologies (so I haven’t written … More The Greek election could be a major inflection point for Europe’s future