Q2, FY21 results

Q2 was another great result, even ahead of the strong rally on the index. My portfolio returned 20.46% in the quarter, against an index return of 13.76%. This means that Financial Year to Date my returns are 45.18% against the benchmark return of 13.65%. I added 4 new stocks this quarter, and made small reductions … More Q2, FY21 results

Q1, FY21 results

It’s amazing how much more clear-headed you get when you take a month off looking at public markets multiple times a day. I might have to make this a yearly ritual. Looking at my portfolio things are close to where I left them at the end of August. Reece and Kogan were the main performers, … More Q1, FY21 results

Q2, FY20 returns

In spite of a weak finish to HY markets, I managed to beat the index (I used ASX:VAS to benchmark my performance) again, with a return of 9.19% vs the index return of 0.51%. This brings my cumulative YTD returns to 22.66% against a benchmark of 3.25%. DDR fell significantly after a major run up, … More Q2, FY20 returns

Q1, FY20 returns

I had a great start to FY20 hitting 12.45% returns against the benchmark of 2.72%. This was primarily realised by KGN, DDR and DMP, which combined, make up nearly 40% of my portfolio. Just goes to show the benefits of concentration. DDR is hard to value right now as the share price as run hard … More Q1, FY20 returns


So far this financial year DDR has continued the golden run, surging into the $7 bracket. I sold 60% of my holdings on the way up, at $6.08 and $7.21, to rebalance DDR back inline with my key portfolio holdings. I’m a long-term believer in DDR but it was getting heavy, and I’m not sure … More Rebalancing

FY 19 performance

I haven’t had time to document this but recently reviewed the close to FY19 and managed to outperform the benchmark again by 16.36% vs 14.1% for the VAS ASX300. This outperformance will be almost entirely erased by the capital gains bill that I will incur for the financial year just gone, so you could call … More FY 19 performance