So far this financial year DDR has continued the golden run, surging into the $7 bracket. I sold 60% of my holdings on the way up, at $6.08 and $7.21, to rebalance DDR back inline with my key portfolio holdings. I’m a long-term believer in DDR but it was getting heavy, and I’m not sure on having such a high weighting at the $1B+ valuation.

I redeployed the money into other things – adding more DMP (Now well back into the 40s) and WEB (which has fallen further and I believe is cheap given the upside and continued growth as the travel industry consolidates).

I took up the Transurban rights offer which gets me to a weighting I am happy with for my portfolio right now.

I have also put about 5% of the portfolio into the Vanguard Emerging Markets index (VGE) to give me more overseas exposure but heavily tilted towards China instead of the USA which is the primary weighting of VGS – the other Vanguard index I hold.

Current portfolio breakdown:

KGN: 16.37%

DMP: 12.51%

REH 10.75%

TCL: 10.62%

DDR: 10.55%

DXS: 9.75%

WEB: 9.34%

FMG: 6.66%

VGS: 5.33%

VGE: 5.03%

Cash: 3.09%

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