DDR and FMG are crushing it

If you look at my performance page for the first 3 quarters you’ll see I’m slightly behind the benchmark, but barring major problems with my core portfolio, my Q4 performance is going to ensure I smash the full-year benchmark once again (not as handily as last year, but beating the index is good enough for me).

Dicker Data just announced huge revenue growth and margin improvement, and soared to $5.20 as of today. Total Shareholder Return for the past 12 months is 80%. It makes up over 20% of my portfolio now, but I sleep easy.

Fortescue has been the beneficiary of a very sad situation in Brazil, and just announced a 60c special dividend which will be paid in June, before the expected franking credit changes hit after a likely Labor election this Saturday. TSR for past 12 months is 71%, and the stock has more than doubled from the 52-week low of $3.515.

I’m not planning to selldown either of these as they will endure for the long-term, but will be selling down some non-core holdings to add more DMP (Domino’s Pizza) and take up the DXS (Dexus) rights offer.

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