Q3, FY18 return

Q3 was another excellent result, returning +14.59% against the benchmark return of -4.04%.   YTD return for the financial year so far is +77.05%.  My only trade for the quarter was purchasing Webjet.

Kogan again contributed a significant proportion of the return, but the standout in percentage growth was Spirit Telecom, rising 70%.

I am constantly re-evaluating my portfolio to see whether a sell decision is warranted, but haven’t had justification to do so yet, and have lacked a good enough opportunity to warrant freeing up additional cash.

Current portfolio breakdown:


KGN: 41.7%

REH: 12.8%

AVJ: 12.6%

DDR: 3.1%

ST1: 8.9%

WEB: 1.6%

FMG: 6.9%

Cash: 12.4%



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