Profit taking

In reviewing my current book, there are a couple of stocks I have either sold down, or plan to sell down in the near future:


AMM: I have now fully exited my position in AMM.  There is likely to still be good growth but with the recent price appreciation I’m happy to book a healthy profit and look for new opportunities.


SNL: I’ve got a parcel that comes to 1 year holding in February, so I’ve sold half and will sell the other half when I get my 50% CGT discount.  Another fine company but with recent price appreciation it’s not the same bargain it was at 42c.


COH: This was an opportunistic buy for me, due to a temporary scare driving the price from the $70 range to the high $40s.  I’ve just ticked over 1 year of ownership so have put in a sell order at $68.  No hurry, but I’ll be happy with that price, and the profit.


I’m going to continue holding BGL for now – the recent rise in share price looks like the beginning of a broader appreciation of BGL, and they are generating cash like the billy-o.  I’ve got my eye on a few other blue chips, and will be undertaking a new sweep of “cigar butts” to find more SNL-type opportunities.